Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course


Part-time Work Support

Permission to Engage in Activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted.
Our school will provide free information about possible part time job openings in Kurume.

Kurume Seminar students who have a COE (Visa), need official permission from the government to engage in a part time job. This will allow a student to work 28 hours during a regular work week. However during a long holiday break, students will be allowed to work up to 8 hours per day.

Kurume Seminar has the certification to provide a information about employment opportunities. We have a special school staff for supporting your part time job questions.

We advise student on, how to write personal history sheets, how to do interviews, and how to work at a Japanese company.

There are many students who do part time jobs at various places such as factories, convenience stores, restaurant, etc.

My part time job
SHRESTHA BISHAL KUMAR Entered the school in April 2018.

Cooking GYOZA (dumpling) and washing dishes

I do a part time job at MATABEI. I cook GYOZA, wait on customers and sometimes wash dishes.

When I started this part time job, I could not understand what customer's say and misunderstood them sometimes.

So, I studied the words that I could not understand. I got through it day by day, and I have conversations as well as take orders.

Now, I can answer the customer's questions and have enjoyable conversations.

For example, when a customer asks me "Where are you from?" "You speak Japanese very well"

And when I keep smiling, the customers say "NEPALI people are gentle"

Sometimes, customers gave me some tips. Everyday the part time job makes me feel tired but, the manager and other staff members are very nice and make me feel happy. A Part time job is good for studying Japanese, So I will try to do my best.

My part time job
LE THI NHAT LINH April 2018 intake

Welcome! I do service for customers.

It is already passed 1 year, since I entered Kurume Seminar.

The teachers and senior students gave me many words of advice.

At first, studying abroad has had many difficulties, but my Japanese is getting better and better.

That feeling changed my mentality to do my best for studying Japanese and also to do well at my part time job.

I think the most important point for a part time job is experiencing human relations.

Good human relations help develop my team working abilities. But I am not skillful at that, so I make mistakes sometimes.

Coworkers usually gave me kind advice. I do not feel fear about making mistakes.

I think that if I make mistakes, I will just try once again.

Making mistakes and experience makes me grow.

I have a plan to go to study in a university in the future.

The teachers, senior students, and staff at my part time job, tend to cheer me up.

To make my dreams come true, I will do my best to study Japanese as well as doing my part time job with a big smile too.