Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course


Q & A

How much is required for the monthly living cost?

Excluding tuition and dormitory fee, if you do saving well, it will take about 30,000-40,000 Yen.

Can I do part-time job?

If you obtain permission to engage in activity other than your status of residence granted, you can do part-time for 28 hours a week (Up to 8 hours per day during long-term vacation). Since our school has the authorization of the free job placement, you will be supported by our full-time staffs for part-time job. Part -time job is to support your living cost and the main thing for the student is studying. It is better to have sufficient living cost when you arrive in Japan.

Is there any age limit?

Generally, in case of high school graduate, one must be over 18 years old below 22 years old. Junior college graduate must be below 24 years old and university graduate must be below 26 years old. Those above this age limit should have the explanation of aim to study Japanese language, and also need to clarify the path after the graduation in details.

What is the procedure for admission?

In general, you need to appear in the interview in your home country and process the documents. Please contact us about the time period and place in details.

How is the climate of Japan?

There are four seasons in Japan, spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring, beautiful flowers blooms and in summer moist air is blown from the sea. Winter carries cold and dried air from the continents, which shows a vast difference in temperature and amount of rainfall depending on the seasons. The month of June and July will be a rainy season. The highest temperature of Kurume is 32 ℃ and the lowest temperature is around 2 ℃.

What do I do if I get sick or injured in Japan?

Foreigners who will stay in Japan for more than 3 months must have take out National Health Insurance . All students will do so. If you use National Health Insurance, you will get medical treatment at 30% of total expenses, while you become sick and visit hospitals. Please be assured that our school officials will fully support you.

Do you have a scholarship?

For students with outstanding academic performances, there is scholarship offered by the Japanese government. In addition, we have our own scholarship of school and may students are receiving it. Scholarship system encourages the students for further studies, and we are provide it to show as a model to other students. For more details, please refer to scholarships page.

Can I enter a University?

We have veteran teachers who set up goals, works with self-actualization and emphasize for admission guidance and career education. The students are studying hard aiming to enter in the universities and post graduate courses.

How do I go to school ?

Most of the students come to school by bicycle. Besides from school, bicycle is convenient to go anywhere. Those who are not able to ride a bicycle, you should practice and learn to ride before arriving in Japan.

How is the access?

You can reach Nishitetsu Kurume station in 3 mins on walk. It takes 30 mins to reach the heart of Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka city by train. There are many bus facilities in Kurume city, but bicycle is the most convenient.

From which countries are the students coming?

The students from China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Brazil, Australia etc. are admitted to our school.

What is the age group of the students?

There are different age grouped students studying in our school, like18 years old student who have just finished high school, 30 years old student who have already graduated the university in owns country.

Are there classes besides studying Japanese?

We conduct extracurricular activities Japanese culture experiences like calligraphy, tea ceremony, recreational activities like hiking, sports day, bus hike and cultural exchange programs with local community people. Apart from Japanese language, you can learn various Japanese culture and Japanese circumstances.

When is the admission period and length of course?

Our schools opens admission twice a year in April and October. The students of April will join 2 years course and October will be 1.5 years course, both will graduate in March.

Is there school dormitory ?

Generally, new students will learn lifestyle of Japan in the dormitory. You will be able to learn the culture and customs of Japan by living in the dormitory, learning the rules, greetings and communal life with students of different countries.

What is the class time?

A placement test will be held at the time of admission and the classes of morning or afternoon will be decided according to the results. The classes will be from Monday to Friday. School will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and other public holidays. Morning class will be from 9:10 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. and afternoon class will be from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 pm.