Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course



Curriculum for improving Japanese language and communication skills

For continued studies and employment in Japan, Japanese Language Skills play a vital role. That is why our classes include the necessary materials which aim to help you pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Besides from that, we implement different measures in our classes that will make you learn each skill according to your level. You will surely improve your Japanese Language skills as you learn to improve your weak points and refine your strong points by doing numerous problems and using Japanese in practical situations. Besides acquiring the knowledge from the textbooks, we aim to teach vocabulary and sentence structures used in one's daily life. We also organize extracurricular activities such as Speech Contests, Debate Contests, Drama Presentations and so on, all of which helps you learn Japanese in a more memorable fashion.

Enhance your career education skills and receive guidance towards your future

The goal of an international student is not only to come to Japan, but it's also an opportunity to gain employment in Japan as well as your own home country. As you work towards your future, you will be able to think about the things you must learn. You will need to find ways to help you stay motivated to improve your Japanese Language Skills. Our Japanese Language Courses offer lessons on how to function within Japanese society. Such experiences will include learning how Japanese people think and solve problems, how to view things through a different cultural perspective, as well as many other aspects of living in a foreign country. We also provide opportunities to help guide you to become conscious about your future study plans beyond our program. Furthermore, July and August are set up as Admissions Information Month, which helps you establish your goals by participating in different seminars, trial classes and experience new experiences on your own.