Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course


Student Life Support

There are many necessary steps you have to take, when you begin your student life in Japan. Kurume Seminar staff will support you to have a smooth transition and to live comfortably.

Procedures support

Kurume City hall

Address Registration (City hall)

You must register for an address within 14 days after coming to Japan. We support you and go with you to city hall to register when you arrive.

Contract of National health insurance (City hall)

Anyone who has a foreign residence visa and stays for over 3 months, must apply for National health insurance in Japan. So, you must go to city hall and register. When you use National health insurance, you have to pay only 30% of your medical fees at the hospital.

Accident insurance contract

Just in case of an accident, all students must have accident insurance. The school will provide the contracts for insurance to everyone at one time.

Opening a Bank Account

You need your own bank account for your monthly rental fees, utility expenses (water and electrical charges), and to receive your part time job salary. When you create a bank account, we will go and help you.

Buying a bicycle

Most students go to school by bicycle. This is also better for you to use for shopping and your part time job. We also support you in buying a bicycle and making your bike registry forms when you arrive in Japan. This is also necessary to help in crime prevention of bicycle theft.

Buying a mobile phone

Mobile phones are necessary for your living in Japan. They are used to contact the school and your part time job. We support those who would like to buy and make a contract for a mobile phone.

Daily Life Support

Greetings at the airport.

Since it is most likely your first time in Japan, you may feel lonely. Our school staff will meet you at the airport with a big smile.

Guest speaker Lectures

To help students live better in Japan, we sometimes invite people from city hall to give us information. Police officers and public health center workers come and explain about Kurume city, the rules of Japan and the healthcare system.

Health care

Kurume Seminar takes care of the students and their health care needs. All students have a medical check-up once a year. Every classroom teacher checks up on the students every month. In case you have an illness or injury, we will support you and go with you to the hospital.

Supporting part time jobs.

Kurume Seminar has the certification of a specialized training college, and we have the certification to provide free employment placement offered by the Ministry of Health、Labor and Welfare. So we can introduce part time job opportunities to students. And we have special school staff members to help support your part time work inquiries. We do advise students on how to write their personal history sheets and how to do a job interview in Japan.

The Privileges of attending Kurume Seminar

Student Visa Our school has the certification of a specialized training college. Incoming students can be eligible for an international student visa. There are three versions, a 2 year 3 months visa, a 2 year visa, and a 1 year 3 months student visa. So, you don't need to extend your student visa while studying in our school.
Special discount for students
(public transportation)
Our school has the certification of a specialized training college. So students who need transportation to come to school can buy a student monthly school train or bus pass. This monthly student pass will be discounted between 25%-75%. And also you can get other discounts too.
Tax exemption system

Kurume Seminar is a legally incorporated educational institution. So we have a system that allows our school to be exempt from paying the 10% consumption tax for tuition fees. This means you don’t have to pay consumption tax approx. 80,000 yen for a year and 150,000 yen for two years. It is helpful to reduce financial burden to the students.

Introducing part time job employment opportunities. Permission to engage in "Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted." We provide free employment placement for students. Students who enroll in Kurume Seminar, are eligible for a Student Visa. It will allow you "Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (Permission to have a part time job.) You will be able to work up to 28 hours a week. During long vacations (Summer, Winter, etc) you can do part time work up to 8 hours a day. Kurume Seminar has the certification to provide free employment placement under Employment Security Law. We have school staff members who specialize in supporting your part time job activities.