Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course


Faculty Staffs

Educational Affairs Sections, Teachers

Experienced teachers will carry out the classes kindly, but firmly depending on the level of the students. We surely will support your dreams so that they can come true in Japan.

  • Ms. Yamato
  • Ms. Kikuchi
  • Ms. Sakumoto
  • Ms. Baba
  • Ms. Furukawa
  • Ms. Yamasaki
  • Mr. Sano
  • Ms. Nishi
  • Ms. Komori

Administration Staff

In order to make your study abroad experience more comfortable, we will heartily support your health care and living situations.

  • Ms. Nozoe
  • Mr. Takeda
  • Ms. Shimoozono

International Staff

We are the supporting staff members who have graduated from this school. We will support everyone thoroughly based from a student's perspective.