Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course


Short Term Course (Auditing Students)

Our school also has a short term course for those who wish to study abroad with a short term stay visa (90 days), and other foreigners staying in Japan for long term with visas such as business, family, marriage, working holiday, etc. They can join the regular classes as auditing students.
Curriculum, class hours, holidays, etc. will follow the regular course.

Admission Period

As a rule, April and October.
(We will review each person individually depending on the class capacity, level, etc.)

Documents to be submitted

① Application form (prescribed by the school)
② Copy of your Passport and residence card

Tuition Fee

  3 months (50 days of lessons)
Tuition Fee
3 months (50 days of lessons)
Educational Material Fee
3 months (50 days of lessons)
Total Cost
3 months (50 days of lessons)

The admission letter for this course is not a guaranteed item for you to enter Japan.
Auditing students will not be provided with a “student ID card”.

Student Dormitory

Room Type Dormitory Fee Facilities
Either single room A , B or C
147,000 yen
(for 3 months 90 days)
Kitchen, Gas Stove, Toilet, Wash Basin, Bathroom, Refrigerator, Microwave, Washing machine, Bedframe, Wi-Fi, Room Air-conditioner, Desk, Chair, Clothesline

※The dormitory fee includes the utility expenses.
※You can stay in the dormitory for approximately 7 days before and after the period of class.
※Due to the number of rooms, you may not be able to move into the dormitory.