Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College Japanese Language Course


Short Term Course (Auditing Student)

Our school also has a short term course for the students who wish to study abroad with a short term visa ( 90 days ). Foreigners staying in Japan for long term visas issued through businesses, being a dependent, marriage, and working holidays can also take short term courses as an auditing student. Curriculum, class hours and holidays will be according to the regular course schedule.

Admission Period

Generally April and October
(We will review each person individually according to the situation of the class capacity and level.)

Documents to be submitted

① Application Form (Prescribed by the school)
② Copy of Passport, Resident Card

Tuition Fee

  3 months (50 days of lessons)
Tuition Fee
3 months (50 days of lessons)
Education Material Fee
3 months (50 days of lessons)
Total Cost
3 months (50 days of lessons)

The "Acceptance Letter" for this course is not a guaranteed item for you to enter Japan. As you will still need an additional "Entry Permission" document.
Auditing students will not be provided with a "Student ID Card".